Potential profit:

Man United v Tottenham

Its Back!!

Bet365 are back with their classic offer to existing customers. Bet £50 pre-match and receive what is effectively a £50 free bet to use in-play. Perhaps the most generous offer out there in the matched betting world.  We’ve seen this offer appear at least 15 times throughout this football season – so there is huge amount of profit to be made from it. On this occasion its in the EPL between Man United v Tottenham. Its available to all new and existing customers at Bet 365.

The in-play bet is risk free. This means that we place it with our own money and if it loses Bet365 will refund it in cash which is withdrawable straight away.

Having looked at the odds available for the match, I have decided to place my qualifying bet on The match to be a Draw.

  • The Draw is odds of 3.5
  • The Draw Lay is odds of 3.6

We can calculate our lay stake using the Matched Betting Calculator:

I previously preferred to use Smarkets Exchange  because they charge a smaller commission of 2% and have plenty liquidity in the markets for big games. However, having being caught out by Smarkets site being down and not taking bets in important moments I tend to opt for Betfair more often now. (commission is 5% at Betfair)

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The calculator tells us our lay stake should be £49.30.

It also tells us that regardless of the outcome of the match we will lose £3.16 in qualifying for our £50 risk free in play bet.

The match is a Draw  £175 Win [at Bet365]  and £178.18 Loss [at Betfair] =

Net £3.18 loss

The match is not a Draw £50.00 Loss [at Bet 365] and £46.84 Win [at Betfair] =

Net £3.16 loss

We need to place our £50.00 risk-free in play bet using out own funds and if it loses, Bet365 will refund it after the game in cash which is withdrawable straight away. The best time to place our bet is at half time. This is when the markets are at their most stable and the odds will not be fluctuating much.

It depends on how the match is going but I would first of all look at Match Odds market, and if those odds are too short or are not suitable I would take a look a the Correct Score market where you will be sure to find a suitable bet.

Its impossible to predict what odds will available at half time until the game is live. So I’ll just run with an example of how things could potentially play out.

I find odds on a Correct Score of 9.0 at Bet365 and Lay odds of 10.0 at Betfair. I’m happy with these odds so I go ahead and plug the numbers into the matched betting calculator:

This time selecting Free Bet (SNR) at the top.

So the calculator tells us our lay stake should be £40.20.

This means that regardless of the result of the game, we will make £38.20 from our risk-free in play bet. Once we take into account our £3.16 loss from our qualifying bet our Total Profit for this offer is £35.04.

Potential profit:

Matched Betting Explained

Bookmakers offer free bets to encourage people onto their sites during particular sporting events or to attract new customers. We are using Back and Lay betting to take advantage of these free bets, and make risk free cash.

Lets explain what these two types of bets are:

A Back Bet

A Back Bet is the type of bet we place at a Bookmaker.
For example, if we bet on Barcelona to Win a game – it is called a Back Bet because we are backing them to win.

A Lay Bet

We then place a Lay bet at a betting exchange (Betfair). This, for example, is a bet on Barcelona not to win the game. It covers the opposition team winning or the game being drawn. Back/Lay matching transforms any bet into a simple two way choice and greatly simplifies the process. This means we have all outcomes covered in the football match.

So our Back Bet and our Lay Bet cancel each other out. The point of this bet is that no matter what happens, we do not win any money and we do not lose any money. These bets we have just placed Qualify us for the Free Bet.

The Free Bet

This is where things get interesting and we start to make our profit. So the Bookmaker has awarded us with a Free Bet. We repeat the same process we used before – placing another Back Bet and another Lay Bet.

Once again our Back Bet and our Lay Bet cancel each other out. However, since we are using Free Bet money this time, instead of our own money – it guarantees us profit from our bets!