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Oddsmonkey Review 2018 – Matched Betting Software

In this article I’ll review Oddsmonkey matched betting software to see how useful it is to matched bettors, look at whether it is good value and compare it to it’s competition.

If you don’t know what matched betting is, take a look at my introductory Matched Betting Guide.

Oddsmonkey have long been involved in matched betting, originally offering an odds matching tool to help you profit from free bets. The current offering from Oddsmonkey is a £17.99 a month subscription membership website. This one-stop-shop gives you easy access to training, tutorials and all the tools you need for matched betting. It includes:

  • 170 Training Guides in Total
  • 67 New Account Offer Tutorials
  • 41 Video Guides
  • The Oddsmatcher Software
  • A Calendar of Reload Offers Updated Daily
  • A Thriving forum with over 500,000 posts

The Website

It has a wealth of features but the website is organised well, with a very clean and straight forward layout. It is worth spending some time to familiarize yourself with the layout and menus – once I did this I found it intuitive to use and I was able to find stuff I needed very quickly.

Oddsmonkey Website


How good are the offer Tutorials?

Oddsmonkey breaks things down with very in-depth, step by step guides for the first 5 offers. Then the rest of the offers are described in more succinct and summarised guides. I find this works well because you gain confidence in what you are doing. And no longer need every small detail contained in the beginner tutorials. The screenshot below of the 188Bet Sign-Up Offer is an example of a typical tutorial. This tutorial has a video guide as well, so if you do want to follow every click of how to complete an offer you can.

Sign-up Offer Example

The Best Features

Oddsmatcher offer a good all-round and comprehensive range of tools, features and offers for new matched bettors. These sign-up offers are great when you are doing them but there comes a time for all matched bettors when you have all your accounts. And this is when the Daily Offer Calendar feature comes into its own, it brings all reload offers into one place for any day, along with strategy on how to do them.

Daily Offer Calendar

Oddsmonkey – Betfair Integration

Oddsmonkey allows you to link your OddsMonkey and Betfair accounts to save precious time when placing bets at the exchange. Betfair Integration means that you no longer have to switch from screen to screen when matched betting. By just click a button within the OddsMatcher calculator and your bet will be placed automatically at Betfair.

Would I Recommend Oddsmonkey?

I would recommend Oddsmonkey as they provide an excellent service and give you a lot for a £17.99 per month subscription. And it has potential to earn you many many times more in return.

It makes matched betting a seamless experience and allows you to make the most amount of money in the shortest time – which is what matched betting is about!

If you’re still unsure you can get a free trial subscription. Then if you upgrade, OddsMonkey guarantees complete satisfaction with your experience so if within 30 days of your first purchase. If you don’t like it they will refund your first payment, no questions asked.

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